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Ambiguous Adventures

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~There is a type of creature called a Thing. One of these Thing’s names is Ambiguous. Now, you can imagine how difficult this would be whenever he introduced himself. He would say “No sir, my name is Ambiguous, not my name is ambiguous.” And this would confuse them even more, because, fortunately for us, we can see the difference in the capital ‘A’, and the lowercase ‘a’. Aside from all this confusion, his friends called him Ambie. Thing is, he really didn’t like the nick-name. He preferred Ambiguous.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what’s a Thing? And that would be a very good question, because nobody really knows. Not even Ambiguous. Ambiguous would sometimes have two arms, and you’d say, ‘well what’s so strange about that?’ and the strange thing about that is that he doesn’t always have two arms. Sometimes he has just one arm, other times he has as many as eight. Sometimes he has three legs, four eyes, and a tail (though he sometimes has no tail at all). But most times he would just have two of everything that was supposed to have two, and one of everything that was supposed to have one.

Ambiguous lives in a Thing community. There are many Things in many different Thing communities, living in many different Thing houses; and they all live very close together.

The Things live in a world with no, as we call it, ‘outside’. Everything happens ‘in’. It was as if their entire world was inside a giant container.

At this moment, Ambiguous was sitting on his bed. He was daydreaming.

At this moment, Bernard was standing outside Ambiguous’ door. He was ready to knock.

At this moment, all the Things in this particular Thing community were very cramped. Or at least, more cramped than usual.

Bernard knocked.~

{Answer Barnard}–>



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