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Analyze the king and his commands (Ambiguous #18)

Now, none of them had a clue what the king of Greasegas had just said, we know none of it was pleasant, and it was even harder to tell he was mad due to his permanently upturned mouth. The king was made of hard material, so when he was dropped onto the cruel street curb, there was no changing of the face that was given to him.
When he was mad, he could not pull his face into a frown.
When he was surprised, he could not turn his mouth into a big ‘O’ shape.
And when he was tired he could not lean back and let his jaw hang loose for a snooze.
In fact, he couldn’t open his mouth at all. Everything that he said came out of a small vent in the middle of his mouth.
The four companions, along with the crowd that had gathered, were glad to see the smiling king man until he spoke his next few words. He repeating everything he had just said, but slower.
And the next moment there wasn’t a single group, the king of Greasegas was definitely king, and there were no squishy creatures. Sometimes it was good to be king. No, forget that last statement, it was always good to be king.
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