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Answer Barnard (Ambiguous #2)

-=≡ᶘ ᵒдᵒᶅ<(No theme music here. Poo.)

~Ambiguous snapped out of his trance like state and told the knocker to enter.

“Hey Ambie,” Bernard grumbled. “Do you have all your things packed?”

Ambiguous nodded. The room was completely barren with the exception of his bed being there, and, of course, himself. The walls and everything in them were devoid of any dust, scuffs, and color and the white boundaries of the room drew all the attention to the many windows that appeared sporadically strewn about it. They were of all shapes and sizes. But you may ask, “windows? If there’s no ‘outside’, then what are they there for, and why so many?” The thing is, they didn’t exactly show to an outside. Well no, that is wrong. They ‘did’ show to an outside. It just didn’t show their outside.

Each Thing home had several windows in their houses that showed the outside of other’s windows. None of them had their own windows. And none of them had their own outside. Some of the windows would show things such as Mary in her back yard, swinging on the family’s swing, A downward look onto a city that never sleeps, or perhaps a community of green people somewhere far from earth… And for some reason or another, Ambiguous always ended up in the houses that had the most windows in them.

As silly as it is, through all of this, none of the Things found the windows strange or even interesting. And maybe you would find it uninteresting if it was a normal part of your house as well. But I’m sure you, as a Human being, would at least ask why this window thing was. But Things weren’t Human beings. They were Things.

And that is why this story is about Ambiguous. Because Ambiguous is interested in stories. And as a matter of fact, so are humans. This is why Ambiguous could always be found sitting in his room, staring at the windows, mouth slightly ajar as he watched some sort of creature (it was almost always a different one) have adventures in worlds that his small Thing mind constantly tried to wrap around.

“So are you coming or what?” said Bernard.

Ambiguous snapped out of his trance once more. “Yeah.”

“Alright, good. We’re already leaving you know.”~

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