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Be amazed (Ambiguous #14)

~The three of them, Hameswitch, Ehctire, and Rimlug, gawked at Ambiguous.
“You have your own window?” stammered Hameswitch.
“Wellll,” said Rimlug. “Howdy-doo and all that rubish.”
“Aye,” said Ehctire. “Howdy-doo.”
“What a big shot.” said Rimlug.
“What a big shot.” said Ehctire.
Owning your own anything in this place was considered a big deal. Especially if you didn’t need it.
“A’ght a’ght,” said Hameswitch. “I s’pose we can get you to your window Ambie. You don’t mind if I call you Ambie, do you?”
Ambie- I mean, Ambiguous, shook his head.
“Ah good, it’s good not to mind stuff.”
Ambiguous minded very much.
“Is your window in Greasegas?” Hameswitch continued. “Because I remembered, earlier, when I said ‘Ahha’, that we we’re supposed to be getting back there to see the king.”
No one was paying attention to Hameswitch.
“Oi, Hameswitch,” Ehctire said slowly. “Rimlug’s gone all quiet like.”
And he was quiet. The light was out of his eyes and his body was sort of slouched over in a way that made you uncertain if he was taking a nap, or just sitting (in actuality, he was doing neither).
“Why do you suppose he’s doing that?”
Hameswitch poked him.
He fell over.
“Oh my,” said Ambiguous.
“How long has it been Ehctire?” said Hameswitch. “Been good over twenty eight years? Batteries died yet?”
Ehctire swiveled his head back and forth. He was now being struck with the grave news that there might be something seriously wrong with Rimlug. Batteries lasted about twenty eight years, and then you simply replaced them. We aren’t sure exactly how long it’s been, but we can tell, by the stunned and silent ways of Ehctire, that it has not been long enough for 
Rimlugs power to die.
Hameswitch was panicking.
“Oh-my-goodness,” said Hameswitch. “I’m panicking!”
…Well? What do you expect. I just told you he was panicking.
“I should… We should… Ambie, do something!”
Ambiguous was not panicking, not till now anyway.
He (or she, we are not sure if Things even have genders), fumbled and quickly picked up the flashlight with Djisittah’s shadow in it, turned it on, and instantly wished that they were in the town of Greasegas, with, mind you, all the correct wish-making words.~
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3 Responses to “Be amazed (Ambiguous #14)”

  • Simon Clark says:

    Hullo Caleb.
    Hullo Simon.
    How’re you Caleb?
    I’m grand, just grand. How’re you Si?
    Ah, I’m chipper, Caleb, just chipper.

    Right, formalities over.

    Like this better than the last update =D Awesome dialogue (although you typed ‘quiet’ as ‘quite’ twice, but I’m not allowed to correct typos as Ash rebuked me for not caring about any of my own). Might wanna look at your use of quotations marks, though. Like this line:

    And he ‘was’ quite(sic). The light was out of his eyes and his body was sort of slouched over…

    Italics or bold would make sense (even stars would work, like *this*…o_0) but doing ‘this’ makes it seen hyperthetical or sarcastic, and then it trips me up, cause the word ‘was’ can’t be sarcasm in that sentance.
    Your most devoted and avid reader-brother-in-law-to-be,

  • Ah, I’m afraid that the use of quotation marks is the sad fault of being on Facebook far too often. They’ve made it so that if you use stars, it turns it bold, and there are just times when stars are better than bold. So instead, many times I use the quotation marks.

    As for Quite vs. Quiet… If you say them really fast… it doesn’t sound much different. And that’s all that really matters.

    Besides, I don’t see the mistake you were talking about in my post. Perhaps you were seeing things Simon?

  • Simon Clark says:

    Ha, Facebook is an infectious little monkey, isn’t she? Quite vs. Quiet, as you so rightly point out, is merely a matter of perspective, and accent. I withdraw my comment – it was quiet wrong of me to say anything in the first place.

    It’s not *my* fault you can’t see the mistakes. Soon you’ll be telling me you can’t even see the secret code in your story, the one that leads to mysterious and sexy adventures. The Caleb Code. I am an ardent follower.

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