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Brush Bernard off (Ambiguous #3)

-=≡ᶘ ᵒдᵒᶅ<(No theme music here. Poo.)

~“Yeah, I know. I’ll be right there.”

Bernard grunted and left. {@}

Ambiguous didn’t want to leave. Not again. He had already left so many stories and windows behind. But this one was different. It had more windows than all the previous rooms. And the things he saw in them were more interesting than all the other windows.

Then, a thought crossed his mind, and even if it was a small Thing mind at that. Why shouldn’t he try and bring the windows with him when he moved? ‘What a brilliant idea’ (this is what he thought to himself). He reached out to the nearest window and felt around the edges and found a hold. He pulled. It didn’t budge. He grew another arm and grabbed at the window with that one as well (mind you, it was no easy feat to grow an arm. Just because Things can turn themselves in any which-way they please, this does no mean it is easy). It wasn’t enough. So he grew another one. And another. And another. Until he had an arm in each place around the window that you could imagine. He pulled furiously. And then finally, with sweat beginning to bead on Ambie’s skin, the window cracked.~

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