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The Casual Adventures of Ambiguous Begins:

~There is a type of creature called a Thing. One of these Thing’s names is Ambiguous. Now, you can imagine how difficult this would be whenever he introduced himself. He would say “No sir, my name is Ambiguous, not my name is ambiguous.” And this would confuse them even more, because, fortunately for us, we can see the difference in …Continue reading →

Work being done, we promise

Here is a list of everything we’re working on. STORY: Links to potential new content which will be filled by us and possibly YOU! This includes the following -Choose-your-own-adventure choices and content -Perspective-links (parts of the story where you can read from a particular character’s point of view on what happened.) ART: Working on Art. This is optional to look …Continue reading →

Choose your own Ambiguous

Well everyone, (and by everyone, we mean those few lonely souls who actually read our stories) we have decided to become more fun (and by more fun, we mean more interactive). What this really means is that you may have a chance to direct the story in some way, through suggestions, or through the choice of links to different paths …Continue reading →


Over the next few weeks we will be consolidating some of the Ambiguous posts so instead of having thirty two parts to the story, we will have more-like-something-like twenty. And we’ll be doing some editing as well. Thank you for reading! Hazzah.

Comment and Follow!

We are trying to come up with ways to make the story more interactive. So from this point on, there will always be a reminder at the end of each post. And the reminder will be as follows: “Make sure to comment on parts of the story that you enjoy! Make suggestions for what you’d like to see happen (though …Continue reading →

Event Eight: The Other Side

The stench, I could see it floating in the air. The pale green particles were everywhere, partially illuminated by the dim light barely shining through the clouds. Everything was decayed and falling apart here. We truly had reached the edge of civilization. As my nostrils breathed in the particles, I felt as if it was already over, though I still …Continue reading →

Do some spring-loaded something (Ambigous #27)

No matter how you put it, seeing The King of Greasegas charge was scary. Despite this, Ambiguous stood his ground. Rimlug would never admit to this, but his rickerbracken started to shake. And just so you know, the rickerbracken is one of the most stable and ‘un’-shakable parts of Rimlug. This obviously and unequivocally conveys how severe Rimlug was… well… …Continue reading →

*Pause* (Ambiguous #26)

There was an excruciatingly long pause, the kind of pause where you aren’t sure if you should bother to wait anymore to see what happens, because the pause is so long you wonder if anything actually will. But something did happen, and with a loud bang. Ambiguous crashed straight through the tower’s wall and hit the king of Greasgas knocking …Continue reading →

Dun-dun-dah! (Ambiguous #25)

Now, the wish was instantly fulfilled, but unbeknownst to the king of Greasegas, there was not a single drop of sea in the world that he lived in. So as much as it was completely true, a fact indeed most powerful, there would be no one to know that he was the most powerful seaman that ever lived with the exception of …Continue reading →

Talk to the lazy one (Ambiguous #24)

*yawn* “I’m… uh.. Djithalaathah.” said Djithalaathah. “That’s funny, I almost forgot my own name.” The king of greasegas did not like people (or shadows) who forgot their own names. He was about to protest this when Djithalaathah continued. “Oh yes, I owe you a wish, don’t I.” “Yes, you do.” said the king of Greasegas. He didn’t actually know that, …Continue reading →

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