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Have enough (Ambiguous #23)

Now, there was an interesting quality about Ambiguous that you’ll find out soon enough. Though he seems a little slow in the head, he learns reasonably fast. Only thing is, he hasn’t exactly been living in a world that used a great amount of intuition, the brain activity there as a whole was just barely able to run the functions …Continue reading →

Make some shit go down (Ambiguous #22) (+ Mr. M. H.)

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. The king of Greasegas decided to take care of this situation on his own. He shot one of his arm things out at Rimlug and his other arm thing out at the flashlight. (He really meant to shoot his other arm thing out at Ambiguous, he had a slight suspicion that there was something not quiet right …Continue reading →

Do something amazing (Ambiguous #21)

At this point, Rimlug was completely surrounded. So he whipped out a rapier and skillfully fought off all of them. So ‘skillfully’ was this done that Rimlug managed to stab them all in spots that disarmed their nasty explosions. The king of Greasegas was so impressed at Rimlug’s skillfulness that he made him prince of Greasegas and gave him a thirty one …Continue reading →

Be told off (Ambiguous #20)

Tink. Tink. Tink. Rimlug looked down. “Excuse me sir,” said a floating ball of shrapnel. “The king is the only one allowed to ask questions. The king told everyone that thirty one and six days ago.” He meant thirty seven days ago, but the king of Greasegas banned the use of all numbers past thirty one… …The king also forgot …Continue reading →

Obey the king who is definitely king (Ambiguous #19)

While it was easy enough for all of Greasegas’ citizens to obey the kings command by rolling or scurrying a few feet away from each other, Ambiguous went through some excruciatingly quick changes to make sure he wasn’t breaking the law. He was now no longer… whatever he normally was, but a hard and also metallic looking creature just like …Continue reading →

Analyze the king and his commands (Ambiguous #18)

Now, none of them had a clue what the king of Greasegas had just said, we know none of it was pleasant, and it was even harder to tell he was mad due to his permanently upturned mouth. The king was made of hard material, so when he was dropped onto the cruel street curb, there was no changing of …Continue reading →

Wish the most fantastic, most amazing wish ever (Ambiguous #17)

Well unfortunately they didn’t wish for something like the most fantastic, most amazing wish ever, but they could have. ‘I wish someone would resurrect me,’ Rimlug’s body seemed to say. Now, people usually don’t hear you when you don’t talk, but Rimlug had a particularly loud body. It may have been for this reason that, just at this moment, Ambiguous had the idea to …Continue reading →

Tell that @#%&$ what you @*#$&@ing want! (Ambiguous #16)

“I wish you were gone.” And it was as easy as that. He was gone. And what a relief too. I personally was unsure if I could take much more editing. “Why’d you do that?” yelled Hameswitch. “I didn’t like him.” said Ambiguous. “Oh,” said Hameswitch. “neither did I.” Ambiguous flipped the flashlight off and on again. “Oh my,” said …Continue reading →

Transportalize (Ambiguous #15)

(WARNING: there is almost the use of strong inappropriate language in this chapter.) *pop* Yes, it sounded rather lame, didn’t it. If you had been the tiny metal sand bug that was standing a few feet from the group when their teleportation took place, it would’ve indeed sounded magnificent (which, you would’ve been very lucky to be that metal bug, …Continue reading →

Be amazed (Ambiguous #14)

~The three of them, Hameswitch, Ehctire, and Rimlug, gawked at Ambiguous. “You have your own window?” stammered Hameswitch. “Wellll,” said Rimlug. “Howdy-doo and all that rubish.” “Aye,” said Ehctire. “Howdy-doo.” “What a big shot.” said Rimlug. “What a big shot.” said Ehctire. Owning your own anything in this place was considered a big deal. Especially if you didn’t need it. …Continue reading →

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