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Choose your own Ambiguous

Well everyone, (and by everyone, we mean those few lonely souls who actually read our stories) we have decided to become more fun (and by more fun, we mean more interactive). What this really means is that you may have a chance to direct the story in some way, through suggestions, or through the choice of links to different paths …Continue reading →


WRITING: We’re always looking for guest stories in addition to writing sections of The Casual Adventures of Ambiguous. In fact, if you’d like to submit fiction to possibly be posted on, please, by all means (or by this means specifically) send an E-mail to us at We’re still sorting through what sort of stories we’ll be accepting, so …Continue reading →

Event Eight: The Other Side

The stench, I could see it floating in the air. The pale green particles were everywhere, partially illuminated by the dim light barely shining through the clouds. Everything was decayed and falling apart here. We truly had reached the edge of civilization. As my nostrils breathed in the particles, I felt as if it was already over, though I still …Continue reading →

Mr. M. Hatter gone away to Japan

So Mr. M. Hatter is being very pushy. He told me that I needed to post some pictures of his trip to Japan. I appear to have no choice, there were many threats that should never be said (or typed) again – some of which didn’t actually make sense, but they sounded nasty all the same… So here they are. …Continue reading →

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