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Work being done, we promise

Here is a list of everything we’re working on. STORY: Links to potential new content which will be filled by us and possibly YOU! This includes the following -Choose-your-own-adventure choices and content -Perspective-links (parts of the story where you can read from a particular character’s point of view on what happened.) ART: Working on Art. This is optional to look …Continue reading →

Choose your own Ambiguous

Well everyone, (and by everyone, we mean those few lonely souls who actually read our stories) we have decided to become more fun (and by more fun, we mean more interactive). What this really means is that you may have a chance to direct the story in some way, through suggestions, or through the choice of links to different paths …Continue reading →

Castle of Wax

              There was a castle of wax. It sat on a shelf in the window to the young Candlemaker’s shop along with his many other magnificent creations. See, the young Candlemaker was no ordinary candlemaker. First of all, there were very few real candlemakers left in the world and most of them had tin hearts.             The one thing …Continue reading →


WRITING: We’re always looking for guest stories in addition to writing sections of The Casual Adventures of Ambiguous. In fact, if you’d like to submit fiction to possibly be posted on, please, by all means (or by this means specifically) send an E-mail to us at We’re still sorting through what sort of stories we’ll be accepting, so …Continue reading →

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The Casual Adventures of Ambiguous is an online interactive choose-your-own-story in progress. It started simply as an online story that would be updated every week or when time permitted. Since then, we’ve added the choose-your-own-story aspect, in the middle of adding music, different perspectives of characters, and artwork. Ambiguous or tCAoA (or AT if you’re really lazy, though we’d like …Continue reading →

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