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We are trying to come up with ways to make the story more interactive. So from this point on, there will always be a reminder at the end of each post. And the reminder will be as follows: “Make sure to comment on parts of the story that you enjoy! Make suggestions for what you’d like to see happen (though …Continue reading →

Been a while

Okay, well, going to work for Disney was a terrible idea. Good learning experience, but terrible idea. Especially because it messed all of this writing I had going on up, and then down, and then messed it even more up. I’m going to try best I can to get back into it. Write a bit before publishing my next segment …Continue reading →

Still Figuring It Out…

Yes, still working on figuring out how to use the camera without failing every two seconds. I’ve discovered text on screen. So that’s fun. When I was talking about “Crank” by Ellen Hopkins, I was looking down the entire time. I had the book in my hand but failed to realize that no one could see it. Sorry for being …Continue reading →

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