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WRITING: We’re always looking for guest stories in addition to writing sections of The Casual Adventures of Ambiguous. In fact, if you’d like to submit fiction to possibly be posted on, please, by all means (or by this means specifically) send an E-mail to us at
We’re still sorting through what sort of stories we’ll be accepting, so if in doubt, send it. We’re open to fun, innovative ideas.

ART: We’re in the middle of developing a style for Ambiguous. If you have an interest in comic-book-ey artwork, or some other form of art that can be incorporated into the story (such as a landscape or scenery artwork or anything else) send it or an inquiry our way at

MUSIC: We’re looking to have music at specific parts of the story as well as general setting music. We’re still in the early stages of this development, but if you would like to get involved, send us an E-mail at!

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