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Do some spring-loaded something (Ambigous #27)

No matter how you put it, seeing The King of Greasegas charge was scary. Despite this, Ambiguous stood his ground. Rimlug would never admit to this, but his rickerbracken started to shake. And just so you know, the rickerbracken is one of the most stable and ‘un’-shakable parts of Rimlug. This obviously and unequivocally conveys how severe Rimlug was… well… shaken.

Now that you know that Ambiguous was not intimidated, and Rimlug was, I suppose we’ll tell you what actually happened next.

Ambiguous turned his hand into a very solid shape, pulled his arm straight back, doing so made some clicking sounds the farther back his arm went, and just as The King of Greasegas was in range, let his spring loaded arm, spring. And that it did. It sprang right into the large smiling face of The King of Greasegas.

Specifically, the part where The King of Greasegas was hit was just under the chin. The force driving him upwards, it lifted his entire body into the air and spun, doing involuntary back flips through the air up and away from Ambiguous crashing through the wall of the tower. Up and out.

The quick exit of The King of Greasegas caused Rimlug’s rickenbracken to stop shaking instantly.“Well,” said Rimlug. “how bout we go get us a pot of oil?”

Ambiguous was still stumbling over the thoughts of what he had just done. Had he really just spring loadedly uppercutted The King of Greasegas out of his own tower?And the answer was just ‘yes’.Ambiguous ran the same question over again in his mind and the answer was still yes.

Once more Ambiguous ran the question through his mind and, although he was tempted to answer no just to contradict himself on such a seemingly immovable answer, the answer was still ‘yes’.

Not in a million years would Ambiguous have imagined doing anything like that. But he had indeed done just that.

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