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Do something amazing (Ambiguous #21)

At this point, Rimlug was completely surrounded. So he whipped out a rapier and skillfully fought off all of them. So ‘skillfully’ was this done that Rimlug managed to stab them all in spots that disarmed their nasty explosions. The king of Greasegas was so impressed at Rimlug’s skillfulness that he made him prince of Greasegas and gave him a thirty one and nineteen fantastic looking suites and oil cans (yes, those oil cans did indeed look fantastic).
Actually, all of that last paragraph was a lie. This is only what Rimlug had wished happen. And we find it very silly that you believed us. Where do you suppose he would have pulled the sword from anyway?

No, what really happened was that the king of Greasegas had had quite enough of all this agreeing and tink-ing and question asking; And right along side him, Ambiguous was tired of acting like a secondary character to the story-line.

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