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Find out it’s not just a moving picture (Ambiguous #5)

~Ambiguous slowly moved one of his hands towards the window. Closer, closer, closer. And then his hand was through the frame and on the other side. Then his arm, then his head, and eventually his whole body, except, this took a very long time seeing as he was in a continual state of surprise and his Thing mind was not very good at processing surprises.

Now might be a good time to mention the particular window that Ambiguous found himself crawling through. The frame was bronze, an old bronze. The kind that has lost its color and is tarnished to a dull tint. But I should guess that you’re interested more in where Ambiguous ‘actually’ is, not with the window frame.

By this time, Ambiguous had reabsorbed all of his arms. He was also standing in sand, lots of it. (Though, I think that might be an understatement.) He looked out as far as he could see, and that wound up being the only thing that was in sight. Ambie wiggled his toes back and forth and dug his feet in deep, pulled them out, and repeated the action. Standing in sand was not something Things did… ever.~

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