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Find out what’s at the bottom (Ambiguous #8)

~Finally, after all that suspense, he hit the bottom. More sand. It was very dark, but there was some light coming from an opening far away. Ambiguous’ eyes adjusted to the amount of light given to him, got up, wiped the sand off his bum, and sighed. Well, that was certainly an adventure. He now wanted to go back, climb back through the window, and go to sleep. But before he had a chance to ponder up a plan about getting back up the tunnel he had just fallen down, there was a noise. The noise came from the doorway. ‘plunk’, it said. ‘Plunk plunk’. Just when Ambiguous was about to agree with what the doorway said, it made a horrid screeching sound that we shall not bother trying to come up with a word for, for it was far too strange. Besides, even if we had found the proper word for it, it would have scared you so much that you would not care to read any further in the story.

So, as it was, the strange noise startled Ambiguous as well. But after a few seconds he found he was more curious than scarred and walked right through it.

“Oi, alright, what is this bloke doin’ here now?”

A small metallic creature, made from strange twisted pieces of metal stood next to a mound of funny looking objects along with two other rusty figures. They were all eyeing Ambiguous with upturned eye-screws.

One of the other metal creatures spoke. “Heck if I know Hameswich. For that matter, what are ‘we’ doing here?”

They all looked at Ambiguous.~

{Give strange creatures some sort of answer}–>



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