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Give strange creatures some sort of answer (Ambiguous #9)

~Ambiguous was uncomfortable. And I can’t blame him either. He wasn’t quite sure what to say to the three metal figures that, for what Ambiguous could tell, just asked him what the three of them were doing in the deep sandy cave full of hundreds of piles that he just realized were wooden coins with the occasional tree root mixed in. {S}

“Were you about to pilfer those coins?” Ambiguous hazarded a guess.

The creature that asked the question, Rimlug, looked at the surrounding piles Ambiguous just referred to.

“Ah, yes, I think you’re right.” he exclaimed. “Ehctire, fancy that. This squishy bein so smart as all whats-not and who-says.”

“That is quite a thing indeed Rimlug.” said Ehctire.

“Oi, hey hey hey,” sputtered Hameswitch “don’t be doing that there. I seem to be remembering a certain law… no… a rule… Those coins there are bad. They, um, they kill you. Yeah, that’s right. One touch’o them and your circuits and wires go kaplooey.”

Unfortunately for all of them, by the time Hameswitch remembered this, the two others had already scooped up handfuls of the coins. ‘Fortunately’ for both of them, Hameswitch was wrong about the instant death. Instead, the ground began to shake, at first lightly but with increasing intensity each second.

“Oh,” said Ambiguous. “I think you pulled the plug on the cave.”

The three metal fellows all looked to where Ambiguous was pointing and indeed, Rimlug was holding a giant plug among the many wooden coins.

“Ah,” said Rimlug “yes, that would do it. Isn’t he brilliant Ehctire?”

“He is indeed Rimlug.”

“You should probably put it back before it’s too late and we’re all sucked into the hole.” said Ambiguous.

The three metal fellows gawked in amazement once more at Ambiguous’ wisdom, making a multitude of agreeing noises though not actually saying anything.~

{Put that plug back!}–>


{@} – Choose your own path portal
{O.O} -Perspective
{C} – Character
{S} – Scene

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