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Have enough (Ambiguous #23)

Now, there was an interesting quality about Ambiguous that you’ll find out soon enough. Though he seems a little slow in the head, he learns reasonably fast. Only thing is, he hasn’t exactly been living in a world that used a great amount of intuition, the brain activity there as a whole was just barely able to run the functions of a Macintosh, and that is not an accidental jab at the computer, we really mean the Apple (Wait, no… Fruit! We mean the fruit!).

It was time for Ambiguous to finally do something. He squeaked and turned in and out, around and under. He grew himself until he was very large (granted, he was already a decent size bigger than most of the creatures that were about.) After that was done, his new leg movers started up. They were spinning unexplainably fast like they do in the cartoons. We aren’t sure about the technical aspects of Ambiguous accomplishing this feat, but it looked just how we described nonetheless.

Anyway, it took a second or two, and he was off. Trail of dust behind him and after the king of Greasegas.

By this time, the king of Greasegas was already in his castle and up in his tower. By this time, he had also forgotten why he was holding a Rimlug (I mean, a creature called Rimlug) and a flashlight (even though he didn’t know what a flashlight was.) There did seem to be a switch on the flashlight however, and the king of Greasegas knew that switches did things. He dropped Rimlug because he didn’t have a switch, (well, that wasn’t true, he did, it was just out of sight), and switched the non-living heck out of that flashlight.

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