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Learn about these three characters (Ambiguous #13)

~Rimlug and Ehctire are brothers. At least, that’s what they’d like to think. All the creatures in this particular world are of themselves, and no one else’s. They are made by the sightless manufacturing machine and dropped down the shoot and out the flap right onto a very cruel, hard curb of the big city. But Rimlug and Ehctire got it into their heads that they were brothers because of the twisted piece of doohickey that they both have on the side of their heads (which, in truth, looks nothing like the other doohickey, but if you tilt your head and squint just right, sometimes it looks like the other.)
As for Hameswitch, who had no relational delusions, he was a bit larger in physical size than the other two (though still only half of Ambiguous’ height) and the supposed leader.
Though, I can say with confidence that none of them knew what was, or has been, going on.
Hameswitch exclaimed with a loud “Ah ha” as he remembered half of the reason he was here. How the king of Greasegas (that city with the curb) sent him forth into the Wild Dunes to find The Cave of Sinking Sands. When he was about to remember the other half, the half about the king being extremely evil and threatening to dismantle them if they didn’t come back with something of value, Ambiguous said-
“I need to find my window.”~





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