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Make some shit go down (Ambiguous #22) (+ Mr. M. H.)

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

The king of Greasegas decided to take care of this situation on his own. He shot one of his arm things out at Rimlug and his other arm thing out at the flashlight. (He really meant to shoot his other arm thing out at Ambiguous, he had a slight suspicion that there was something not quiet right about things that can change from a squishy object into a not-so-squishy object, but ever since that game of toss the magnet, his one eye will never be the same. [not to mention his thinking box]


Flashlight and Rimlug now in hand, the king of Greasegas made off for his castle.

“Oi, where does he think he’s going with Rimlug?” said Ehctire.

Tink. Tink. Tink.

“Excuse me sir,” said a floating ball of shrapnel. “The king is the only one-”

“I know, I know, I know.” said Ehctire. “Only the king of Greasegas can ask questions. You know Hameswitch, these little buggers are really annoying. Look, all of you, why don’t you all go away?”

So they did.

It was not till they had reached an acceptable distance of away-ness (according to Ehctire) had they realized they had been tricked. Ehctire did indeed ask them another question. It was not a command at all.

“That’s it,” said Ambiguous. “I’ve had enough of this insanity.”
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Now for special hidden adventure of Mr. M. Hatter!
Recently, a good friend of Mr. M. Hatter, Ice Bat, decided to drop by for a visit. I didn’t know anything about this acquaintance until Ice Bat literally flew into me… But that was only because he was thrown out of a car that then drove away at high speed. I didn’t get a good look at them, but Ice Bat said that they were no friends of his.
After I cleaned him up however, I sent him to Mr. M. Hatter’s place.

After many tea parties and deep conversations on whether snails have summer homes or not, and why or why not, they took a trip to The Tower – one of the many sites to see in Mr. M. Hatters neighborhood.

They were only able to stay there for so long though, seeing as a very cute bear asked them if he could eat their faces off…
… They said no.

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