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Mr. M. Hatter gone away to Japan

So Mr. M. Hatter is being very pushy. He told me that I needed to post some pictures of his trip to Japan. I appear to have no choice, there were many threats that should never be said (or typed) again – some of which didn’t actually make sense, but they sounded nasty all the same… So here they are.

Leaving without my knowledge and sending me this picture before walking out the door.

After a 14hr flight, and a nearly 4hr bus ride (all while being jammed in a suitcase), M. Hatter turns in with his Otomodachi pillow.

Visiting his pal Daibutsu in Kamakura.

M. Hatter is friend to all the woodland creatures.

Had to act quick to avoid becoming fox food.

Dropping by to see the Emperor.
He says he has more pictures… And he says he’s going to be taking plenty on the AWP trip in Denver… Hopefully he won’t get too obnoxious with the camera.

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