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Obey the king who is definitely king (Ambiguous #19)

While it was easy enough for all of Greasegas’ citizens to obey the kings command by rolling or scurrying a few feet away from each other, Ambiguous went through some excruciatingly quick changes to make sure he wasn’t breaking the law. He was now no longer… whatever he normally was, but a hard and also metallic looking creature just like the rest of them. Ambiguous had never changed so fast in his life.
“Now, you there, tell me what that is!” said the king of Greasegas. He was pointing at the gigantic shadow on the wall.
There was no response.
There was no response because the king of Greasegas had asked Rimlug. Rimlug wasn’t exactly in the answering mood. Actually, he wasn’t in any mood at all, other than the dead mood. Well, he wasn’t exactly dead, he was just run out of batteries. So he was only in the run out of batteries mood. And when you’re in that mood, there’s no answering questions. Even if the king of Greasegas asks them – demands them, rather.
“I wish Rimlug was alive again.” said Ambiguous.
There was a strange noise that sounded something like ‘voosh’, and then the shadow disappeared and Rimlug sat up. There was absolutely no question whether he was sitting or taking a nap now.
The king of Greasegas never repeated himself, or at least he didn’t think he did. So instead of asking again, he just stood there and waited.
“Oi,” said Rimlug. “What’s going on ‘ere?”

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