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*Pause* (Ambiguous #26)

There was an excruciatingly long pause, the kind of pause where you aren’t sure if you should bother to wait anymore to see what happens, because the pause is so long you wonder if anything actually will.
But something did happen, and with a loud bang.
Ambiguous crashed straight through the tower’s wall and hit the king of Greasgas knocking him straight through the floor to the one below.
“Hi,” said Rimlug.
“Hi, said Ambiguous.
Ambiguous was now standing in the tower room that belonged to the king of Greasgas (knocked through several floors just a few lines ago) and took up most of its space.
“You’ve grown since last I saw you.” said Rimlug.
And since Rimlug last saw him minutes ago, Ambiguous was indeed four times bigger than himself, ten times bigger than Rimlug, and three times bigger than the king of Greasegas.
“Yes,” said Ambiguous. “yes I have.”
There was screeching of metal and shuffling from down below. It became louder. And then it became more violent sounding.
It was his boots again. And The King of Greasegas was definitely walking in them. And in a way that showed he was, without a doubt, king. Ambiguous may have nearly knocked The King of Greasegas’ block off, but he didn’t knock his pride off.
A hand shot through the hole in the floor and latched onto the edge.
It did so in a very kingly king sort of way.
Then a second hand, also in the same kingly king sort of way, shot through the hole in the floor and grasped the opposite side. The King of Greasegas lifted himself up from below in a way that made it appear as if he were floating up. First his antenna crown, his eyebrows, eyes, and then his big grin (which, in case you have forgotten, never goes away and also covers most of his face).
If it can somehow be said, The King of Greasegas’ face was now even more intimidating. What made his face more intimidating was what he had in his hands. And what he had in his hands were several pointy objects.
Basically what we are trying to say is that The King of Greasegas was holding swords. He was armed and dangerous, as they say. ‘They’ being everyone. Everyone says that, all the time.
They do.
“I’m The King of Greasegas!” the king roared. And by this he obviously meant; get out of my tower, I’m having a bad day and I need some ‘me’ time.
And he charged at them.
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