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Put that plug back! (Ambiguous #10)

~Rimlug reached into the place he had taken the handful of coins from to discover that as much as he dug, the coins and other plant related prizes were being sucked down too fast for him to get to it. The hole was getting bigger and swallowing more and more. It was futile, and thankfully, this time, Ambiguous’ new friends didn’t need his advice to know to run.

Ambiguous knew, that for the first time in his life, he was in an intense chase scene. It may not have been the type Ambiguous admired so much in his windows, where one striped creature ran from many, often, blueish creatures that held, from what Ambiguous could tell, shiny pointing tools. The striped creatures were, of course, prisoners, the blue ones were officers, and the ‘shiny pointing tools’ were guns. But Ambiguous wasn’t very good at remembering technical terms let alone proper nouns. Soon, the hole ate the entire room that the four of them had previously been in, but after many more rooms were eaten, they came to a dead end.

Ambiguous suspected that if he was swallowed by sand a second time, that it would put him back outside again. But he decided that was potentially a very bad suspicion to follow through with.

The sand went ‘slam’, ‘skoof’, and ‘swoosh’ behind them, all at the same time.

“Oi,” said Ehctire, “it’s stopped!”

“So it has,” said Rimlug.

And indeed, it had. The four of them were now standing in a very small, very square room, surrounded by sand on all sides. None of them knew what to do after this, so they stood around for about ten or fifteen minutes before any one of them suggested something. However, we won’t bore you with the details, it was mostly just shifting of eyes and flapping of arms.

The first suggestion came from Ambiguous (what a surprise).~

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