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Suggest something (Ambiguous #11)

~“Does anyone have a light to see what’s going on in here?” he said. The room was, in fact, pitch black.

Two of Ambiguous’ new tin friends answered with a very enthusiastic ‘No’. That’s right, I said two. The third, Rimlug, didn’t say anything at all. Well, more truthfully, he said something like ‘humerthinkihavesomethinghere’, but no one heard him, and he mumbled it, and he wasn’t completely sure if it was a true statement anyway. He fidgeted with the stolen goods still cradled in his arms.


A flickering of light, and suddenly there was a figure on the wall of sand.

“Blimey,” said Ehctire, “What do you suppose that man there is, Rimlug?”

Indeed, there it was, or maybe it was the lack of him that was most noticeable. There was a spotlight on the wall and a shadow of this man that Ehctire was so exclamatory about.~

{Talk to shadow}–>




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[Make suggestions for what you’d like to see happen next or changed/added! Because this is the internets, we can go back and fix or change things whenever or wherever we want! (hehe) See about contributing story, art, music, or an idea HERE ]

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