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Talk to shadow (Ambiguous #12)

~“I am Djisittah,” said the figure on the wall in a deep voice. “one of seven brothers. Guess my number, and you shall have the equivalent amount of wishes.”

“Well that seems easy enough.” said Hameswitch. “I bet it’s six.”

“What?” said Ambiguous. “I don’t think so. There’s got to be some sort of clu-”

“Correct.” said Djisittah. “You may now use your wishes.”

“Fantastic,” said Hameswitch. “we’d love to get out of here and back home.”

“No,” the shadow crossed its arms. “that won’t work, you must say the words.”

“I’m not sayin’ the words,” squeaked Hameswitch. “not for some lame-butt [actual words edited for younger content] wish like that.”

And with that said, Hameswitch picked up the item that made the ‘clunk’ noise fourteen lines above this one. He pointed it towards another wall revealing a set of steps.

“I think we should just walk out.”

So they did.

They were back outside in the sunlight and Ambiguous and the rest of them didn’t even need to get swallowed by sand a second time. They came up through a small hole in the sand seemingly in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dunes that stretched for miles.

Hameswitch put hand to chin, or more appropriately, claw to chin, and started pondering.

“What to do, what to do?” Hameswitch said to himself.

If you hadn’t noticed, these new creatures that Ambiguous has made friends of had a hard time remembering things, and they weren’t very smart in the head unless it had to do with mathematical equations. Hameswitch was currently encountering the problem of trying to figure out why exactly they were in the middle of the desert with a strange squishy looking creature standing next to a hole in the ground.

I think that now would be an appropriate time to tell you a little about these three characters otherwise we will be swept up by everything that is happening as if it were a giant fish tank that broke open (where we first put a shark, then an orca, and after that a blue whale, and finally everything else that was to ever live in the sea into a single tank and took a hammer to it. The end result, and the few seconds before, would be experiencing this adventure through Ambiguous’ eyes.) Thankfully, I’m here to slow things down a bit and explain things that Ambiguous never finds out.~





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