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Talk to the lazy one (Ambiguous #24)


“I’m… uh.. Djithalaathah.” said Djithalaathah. “That’s funny, I almost forgot my own name.”

The king of greasegas did not like people (or shadows) who forgot their own names. He was
about to protest this when Djithalaathah continued.
“Oh yes, I owe you a wish, don’t I.”
“Yes, you do.” said the king of Greasegas. He didn’t actually know that, but the king must always appear to know what’s going on.
“Oi,” said Rimlug. “that’s our wish.”
“What is?” said Djithalaathah. “I didn’t hear what it was you wished for.”
“No! He’s stolen you. You’re not his wish.”
“Well, I’m not exactly ‘A’ wish. I’m more of a wish giver.” said Djithalaathah.
“Oh, I see.”
There was a pause as Rimlug contemplated how to rephrase his sentence so as to not incorrectly call Djithalaathah a wish.
“That is it!” said the king of Greasegas. “No more talk. No more forgetting of names.” The king of Greasegas tried to think of something else to say ‘no’ to that was relevant to the situation, but ended up saying something about the ending to a recently read story about mermaids that he disliked. “Dijthalathathlathlaalathalathalthaah-”
“Djithalaathah,” corrected…well… Djithalaathah.
“Djithalaathah! Make me the most powerful seaman in all the universe!”
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