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Tell that @#%&$ what you @*#$&@ing want! (Ambiguous #16)

“I wish you were gone.”
And it was as easy as that. He was gone. And what a relief too. I personally was unsure if I could take much more editing.
“Why’d you do that?” yelled Hameswitch.
“I didn’t like him.” said Ambiguous.
“Oh,” said Hameswitch. “neither did I.”
Ambiguous flipped the flashlight off and on again.
“Oh my,” said a young voice. “Oh dear. Hullo, I’m Djiarba’ah.”
This time the shadow was enormous. So large that the figure almost left no light at all. It was shaped in a very hulking fashion, a beast on all fours. We realize we forgot to tell you what the other two shadows looked like, but we also don’t care. They were too boring looking to bother with a proper description.
“Oh thank goodness,” said Hameswitch. “A reasonable fellow. That last bloke had one o’ the worst case of the grumps I’d ever seen.”
“Who do you mean?” said Djiarba’ah. “Are you talking about Djikamsah? He’s a meanie. You got rid of him, didn’t you?”
They all nodded shamefully.
Well look, they knew that, granted he was a genie born of unmarried parents, the four of them (minus Rimlug for his current incapacitated state) did completely waste a good wish.
“So,” Djiarba’ah shuffled his feet. “What do you wish?”

{Wish the most fantastic, most amazing wish ever}–>


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