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Transportalize (Ambiguous #15)

(WARNING: there is almost the use of strong inappropriate language in this chapter.)

Yes, it sounded rather lame, didn’t it. If you had been the tiny metal sand bug that was standing a few feet from the group when their teleportation took place, it would’ve indeed sounded magnificent (which, you would’ve been very lucky to be that metal bug, not only because it was able to hear how amazing the post-teleportation sound was, but because he had an astonishingly handsome sandcastle on the other side of the dune with bug servants and bug maidservants.) {O.O}
Ambiguous’ wish making flashlight was now pointed at a patchwork metal wall. They were in Greasegas. It was a big place, a glorified junk yard with pointy objects here and smooth objects there, all meshed and worked together to make houses and buildings and towers. Some of the ones that were a more reasonable size moved about the streets.
“Aw &@$!, not again.”
There was a different shadow than last time.
“Oi, ‘ang on, ‘ang on.” said Hameswitch. “This ain’t the same bloke!”
“What?” said the new shadow. “course it ain’t the same bloke. Do you really think I look like that $*#&@!* retard of a ^@$#*%! @#!*head? Just ’cause he thinks that being a #@&$!*% genie is cool, doesn’t mean you have to go on with that $@*$%!^ ridiculous accent and mannerisms.”
This new shadow said many other things, but as you can see, we had quite a time trying to edit out all of his particular language that happened in just the past few seconds. We had to act quickly and, well, we accidentally deleted the entire last few paragraphs. Not to worry, however, seeing as I was there to do the deleting, I was also there to see what it was he meant to say and all of it can be shortened into ‘I am very angry’.
See, the way this gifted flashlight worked was through pulling beings or creatures from other worlds and using them as a sort of converter in its wish-making function. Each wish belonged to a different genie. Number six was Djisittah, the previous shadow, and number five was this new one with the adjective problem.
“So who bloomin ‘ell are you then?” said Ehctire.
And then Ehctire’s jaw unhinged a bit and oil pooled at his eyes. He raised his arms and yelled-
“Yeah, who the bloomin ‘ell are you?”
This gesture was meant to be in place of what Rimlug would’ve said. It had just struck Ehctire that his friend was unable to speak, much less be alive. But instead, it just came out like he was crazy, and a little bit mad.
“Okay okay,” said the shadow. “fu#$%^& heck man.” (Oh my, we almost missed one.) “I’m Djikhamsah. Now what the !@#$ do you want?”
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3 Responses to “Transportalize (Ambiguous #15)”

  • I fail to see how that language is inappropriate :p

    Do you have a way of pronouncing your genie/djinn’s names or have you simply had fun with the wide range of letters available on modern keyboards?

  • Yes, I do, actually. The names are simply Dji+the appropriate Arabic number. Sitta=6

    And… Well… I add an ‘h’ to the ends because, when I was doing some research, some of the results spelled the numbers with an ‘h’ at the end of the word and some didn’t. I figured I’d just make the ‘h’ at the end my thing.

    (unless of course that’s what it’s supposed to be, in which case, it was completely intentional.)

  • […] that they were in the town of Greasegas, with, mind you, all the correct wish-making words.~ {Transportalize}–> {@} – Choose-your-own-path Portal {O.O} -Perspective Portal {C} – […]

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