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Wish the most fantastic, most amazing wish ever (Ambiguous #17)

Well unfortunately they didn’t wish for something like the most fantastic, most amazing wish ever, but they could have.

‘I wish someone would resurrect me,’ Rimlug’s body seemed to say. Now, people usually don’t hear you when you don’t talk, but Rimlug had a particularly loud body. It may have been for this reason that, just at this moment, Ambiguous had the idea to use this next wish to bring Rimlug back to life.

Unfortunately, and we seem to be saying that word a lot in this new world that Ambiguous has discovered, there was now a crowd gathered around the group.
This was the sound of the boots belonging to the King of Greasegas. He always walked in
this manner. It was, as he thought, one of the reasons he was king.
The king of Greasegas was very demanding. But he saw this as being okay because he was only demanding in one area. He says that kings of other towns wanted a lot of things. They wanted taxes and no crime and a castle and a lot of land and a crown that was prettier than all the other kings. But the king of Greasegas only wanted one thing. He wanted them to do whatever he told them to do. And that was it. Nothing else. He said this was much simpler than having a whole bunch of laws.

Now, one of the things that the king of Greasegas had said to do, was to not gather in groups. A group was three people or more, and at this time Ambiguous’ personal group had attracted several of its own sub-groups. This was far too many groups for the streets of Greasegas to handle, hence the stomping and the new arrival of ‘the king of Greasegas’.
There were the three Greasegasians (and yes, they all used that term) that he had sent into the desert to find him the flashlight – one of them looked like he was taking a nap, or maybe he was just slouching. And then there was a squishy looking creature next to them. There aught to be a law against that.
This paragraph right here was supposed to be the king of Greasegas talking. It was not possible to reasonably duplicate exactly what he said without some explanation. You see, usually, when you read something, the beginning of the sentence comes first, and the end of the sentence last. When the king of Greasegas spoke this was not the case, he said three sentences all at the same time and none of them were in any particular order. Summing up what he said after it was unscrambled was this-
“No groups allowed!”
“I am king.”
“No squishy things allowed!”
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